Thursday, May 28, 2015

Throughout the years in professional sports there always seems to be something bad going on. Whether it be murder trials or the deflate gate the NFL has had a storied history. And its not just in recent years this has been happening. This has been a reoccurring theme in the NFL and all Major sports for that  manner.Yet we view these people as super hero's and role models,and let are kids look up to them. Whether that's a good thing or not becomes the question. According to role models should have 5 qualities, passion, clear set goals, commitment, Acceptance, and adversity. And in some cases that fits a athlete but is it fair to make him a role model. In my opinion its not very fair to athlete because they are set up to fail if they do anything wrong it get blown up on a national scale.   Should we let people influence kids in a good way or a bad way because they can dunk a basketball? According the Charles Barkley Athletes shouldn't be viewed as role models and kids shouldn't look up to them. He thinks that athletes have way to much power and can influence kids the wrong way. And he might not be wrong with athletes like Ray Lewis and Allen Iverson. Kids shouldn't look up to athletes like this and yet they are two of the most popular athletes in recent memory. this was the whole article of the story with more qoutes from barkley. But on the other side of the argument you have athletes like Micheal Jordan or Stephen Curry who are super positive role models and have always had a positive impact on kids. People like this can have a huge impact on a enormous amount of people. And have in the past donating tons of money to charities or even making their own charity. I personally think that athletes should be viewed as role models for the reason of being able to spread a positive image to millions. And even when its not positive it can still become positive by people learning from their mistakes nationally.. 

Should professional athletes be role models? 

Monday, May 18, 2015

When doing the 10 days of news I took ABC news not knowing that ESPN was owned by the Walt Disney corporation that also owns ABC news. I usually get my news from ESPN so the style of writing was the somewhat the same, even though the topics were completely different. I also learned that certain news sites are bias towards one side. I kinda knew that was the case already but when we went to the site that showed us what everything was owned by i didn't really realize that everything is owned by a small amount of people. I think that this is bad thing because the 5 or 6 major companies can control what we see as news. I personally think the news that we get today is what we want see, not what we need to see. People will always end up going to the news sites that fit what they believe and what the agree with. Instead of going to I will go to because I might like what I see at fox news more then what i see at CNN. I personally think the best place to get news would be from social media. I know that they are tons of fake news articles out there. But if it was done right I think that news coming social media could become the best way to spread news. Because you are forced to look at so many different views of things. Like one friend can post a story from a conservative site then you have the really liberal friend post the same story but with the liberal bias. This is important so then you can see the story through both sides and understand it from both sides. Then you can come with your opinion and what you think about that particular issue. This is important because news is super important. If we were never informed on anything that was going on. We could never improve quality of life or never be informed on world wide issues. News is one of the most important things in the world right now.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I asked what my dad what it was like to play football at Arizona State. "It was pretty scary at first, when I got there I knew by just looking at the guys in the locker room that these guys were big time. It was intimidating because I was a white kid from Sartell, Minnesota and I was playing with some of the nations top recruits. The first practices started in early august  and it was hot. you could just feel the sun burning your skin. I remember during the first day at practice I walked on to the field and saw Channing Willaims make a one handed catch in front of me. After he got up he just starred me down I knew that I wasn't the most skilled on the team at that moment but to get any playing I knew I would have to be smarter then everybody else. I always thought I had a pretty good football I.Q. my old high school coach would ask me what plays to run. I used to think i was big time in high school but when I got to Arizona I realized I wasn't that good i didnt play at all my freshmen and sophomore year. But my junior I played my first play ever and playing in Sun devil Stadium was one of the most surreal feelings in my life. I had one catch for 6 yards my junior year and played a total of probably 20 plays. My senior year I played 10 plays a game probably and had like 200 receiving yards the whole year. Most of that was the one play I will never forgot. My 73 yard reception that i got pushed out of bounds on the 6 yard line. I never did score a touchdown when playing at asu but i don't regret playing at a big school instead of a smaller school even know i didn't really ever play until my senior year. I think its pretty cool to look back at it and just think about it. I mean how many people get to play in front of 40,000 people in their life."

Thursday, April 9, 2015

When choosing what news I will usually choose to look at sports news. This affects my view on the world in a huge way. I don't really know whats going on in the real world. We put ourselves in this little worlds of news. We have this idea that we are really informed on whats going worldwide but in all actually there are very few of us that know what is going on. Like for me i usually stick to sports news. I go to  and go and look at my favorite analysts. I choose to go this site and look at certain people because I agree with what they have to say. Where is in a newspaper or magazine you are forced to look at things you may not want to read. You may not read these articles but at least you are forced to look at these things. I think that this is why the internet could effect journalism in a negative way. But on the other side of the argument the internet could have a positive impact. The potential of internet news goes through the roof. If  someone could figure out a way to expose people to all sorts of news. One reason the internet could be such a good source to get news from is because anybody from any place on the earth can post a story minutes after the story happened. But people can also take advantage of that. people could post fake stories that look real and with the ability to spread news through twitter and other social media sites people could be exposed to fake stories. is examples of 9 of the worst news stories that people believed. There are also sites like that thrive off of making fake news. Some people choose to go to clickhole because they think its funny. But some people go there thinking its a legitimate site this is were the internet can be a dangerous way to get news. I think that the internet will become the way everybody gets news. But I think that it will take time for someone to figure out how to get people to get out of their news. It will have to be either a site or something that automatically pops with news sites that go through Major headlines of all categories of news.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Everyone is a designer. We are always looking to make things look better. But in order to become a expert designer you have to know how to manipulate where the readers eye goes on a page. You can do this in a countless number of ways. One way you can do this is by incorporating color into your spreads. By using color you can control exactly where the reader will look. By having colors stand out in your spread  the reader will immediately be drawn to look there. Another thing you have to understand is how shapes can affect the readers mood. By using triangles and other sharp angled shapes your reader may look at it as more of a strong symbol. There are also risk in using to many shapes in a spread. Like if you use to many rectangles the reader could feel trapped. They might feel like they are stuck on that part of your text. We don't realize this when making spreads but subconsciously we feel trapped if i were to box the whole page. If your reader feels trapped they are more likely to flip the page or not read your page. Things to consider when making a spread are what people like to see when skimming through a magazine. People love big numbers and short text, your reader is more likely to read your work if you draw them in with big text whether that be statistics or big headlines. Pictures are also a huge why to draw a reader. Picture placement and shape are all important rounded edges would make people feel more relaxed, You would want to use round pictures with a more relaxed spread. But with a more intense spread you would want to triangles or more sharped edged shapes. a prime example of using sharp angles and putting bright vibrant colors in spreads. This Crosby spread is a very good example of this.

Design isn't just designing magazines or making things look better. Design has played a Major role in human history. Like the cellphone is a good example of how design can evolve something. When the cellphone came out it was very big, blocky and just kinda unpractical.By redesigning it over the course of 15 years it has became a common  need to most people. Cellphones are now pocket sized and easy to use. Design has improved human life since our existence.

I've realized in the past week that we are surrounded by design . Basically everything we see has been designed for a specific task. These items are designed to make things less difficult. Walking into a classroom you don't realize how much you take design for granted. Like every classroom has been designed in a way that they all have 3 white walls and one wall that is a different color. They designed classrooms like that because if all the walls are the same color you feel trapped. this video is 10 things you may have never realized until watching how good of a design they are.

Friday, February 6, 2015

1. Journalism has always depended on either newspaper or television to spread news. With the recent boost in technology it has made it so much easier to get your news. But is this news reliable and truthful? That is the problem with people getting there news and information today there is so much on the internet today that it has become hard to tell what a reliable source is. Sites like TMZ have had a plethora of controversy over the past couple of years. just scrolling through the sports tab on TMZ you can find countless stories on if this is reliable or if it is not journalism. Another  way I journalism can surive is that the stories on sites such as seem to go into more dept and give you a better feel for the story. The reason behind this is that they are professional writers. Unlike like sites like where anyone can post anything they want. You don't know what is actually true and what is just made up on these sites.

2. I think that journalism should be a intriguing story that is true. The reader should enjoy reading the story that you have written. It should also have reliable sources whether that be facts to back up your story, Or eye witnesses who were at the scene of the story.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

1. Truth to me can be completely different to what the truth is to you. I think that truth is something you have to experience rather than having someone show you statistics or photos. When you are actually there to experience what is going on you know what actually happened and how it happened. Rather then seeing a photo that only captured one part of the whole story. Or looking at statistics that may favor one side.

2. All journalist should know the power they possess. The general public relies on journalist to report the truth. Journalist should also understand that the truth is not easy to find. The truth may change from person to person in a interview its a journalist job to look past the personal bias and find the truth.

3. Being loyal to the truth is putting personal bias past your writing. A journalist should strive to only report the truth. Even when a journalist may have a very strong opinion on a certain matter, you should not be able to tell what there opinion is after reading what they wrote.

4. A high school Journalist can find the and report the truth in countless amount of ways. You could find the truth